Motto of CITC

"Bringing the immersive technology to meet the society."

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CITC (Centre for Immersive Technology & Creativity) is a research centre based in Malaysia focused on immersive tech and VR, AR and creative concept development. CITC encompasses toward the direction of heritage and culture preservation by new media, e.g. immersive tech.

More about us the Centre for Immersive Technology & Creativity (CITC), the mantra is Search, Research, and Researching, a triad of pursuits that propels the centre to the forefront of innovation. It's a place where the relentless pursuit of discovery is not just an activity, but a calling. CITC stands as a beacon of progress, where every search begins an odyssey, every research project is a saga, and the act of researching is a relentless voyage into the unknown. 

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VR Longhouse the walkthrough.

First of it's kind of Borneo VR CGI walkthrough by simulating the longhouse exterior and environment. 

VR Documentary

Borneo Virtual Reality: A Walkthrough

VR CGI Malay House

CGI Malay house VR Walkthrough stand as Computer Generated Imagery for Malay house Virtual Reality Walkthrough.