The Development of Interactive 3D Animal Non-Player Characters:  A study of Research framework and Implementation of Framework at Actual Research Site

This is a study about research framework and the implementation of the framework toward field work, most importantly data collection and visual literature preparation for VR Longhouse: The walkthrough. The research team getting ready in the pre-research stage with the sharing and discussion of the research framework. From the very beginning stage until the finalize version. As the process of understanding the framework took place for 3 months, the research team also tried to study the references which be able to support the field work after the pre-research stage. After getting the framework the team went for the preliminary trial stage to test the usability of the frame work at 2 dummy site before embark to Sarawak for the real field work at the research site in Saribas. Testing and follow up with modification. The process can confirmed a final framework for the field work in Sarawak. The team implementing the framework on the research site. The team managed to collect the visual data to support the VR longhouse: The walkthrough project. The entire process is to determine the usability of research frame on the actual research project.

Virtual Guided Walkthrough (VGW is a simulation project which reconstruction of actual Iban longhouse from Saribas district in Sarawak. The main purposes are using art and supported by immersive technology (VR) to preserve heritage and culture. Because of modernization, the conversion of the traditional longhouse to the modern longhouse made this project more significant. The artistic parts are the creative content building. Such as conceptualization and visualization of the actual longhouse to the virtual longhouse. Then the construction of the 3D model for virtual longhouse and the environment by using computer-generated imagery/CGI software. Then the development unit using the Game engine and the Game AI function to create interaction.

Project Review

Research Sharing

The process...