The Team 1st visit and presenting 1st draft of the Virtual Recourse Centre/VRC to Pusat Islam UMT and Data collection meeting at INOS (29 May 2023-1 June 2023)

In this project we are going to meet with the collaborators from Pusat Islam Dr Riswadi (Director) UMT. Meanwhile the team is going to visit INOS for data collection meeting.


The real significant for this visit/Presenting 1st draft / Data collection

The team is going to present the 1st draft for the Virtual Recourse Centre/VRC to Pusat Islam .Hope to secure the project after working on since August 2022. The team also wanted to collect data using our own data based system (portable) means (Which we hope to get budget to get bigger capacity storage disk: bigger than 1TB) to download the data which UMT collected AVA and images.


The team have to act fast before the valuable data related to oceanography, fossil has been collected by another parties e.g. other HEP.


After getting the data, the team can study the possibility to convert and virtualized the content for the immersive technology platform which host by CITC, UTAR.


Programme :

1.       29 May 2023 Travelling to UMT meeting and collaborators

2.       30 May 2023 Meeting and Pusat Islam Director to presenting 1st draft of the VRC.

3.       31 May 2023 Visiting INOS for data collection and discussion.

4.       1 June 2023 back to KLIA2