Silver for mobile game projects focusing on cultural, heritage & traditional values

It is not always easy to blend modern technology with traditional values and beliefs. Yet, the merge of the two contradicting elements had won three lecturers from UTAR Faculty of Creative Industries (FCI) two Silver Awards at The 2019 Inventors’ Hall of Fame, International Competition of Ideas, Inventions & Innovations (i-fame2019). The competition was held from 27 to 28 September 2019.

Gold Award for preserving Wau through mobile game

Three lecturers from UTAR Faculty of Creative Industries (FCI) took their award-winning project titled “Wow the Wau!” for another test. It was proven worthy when the trio won Gold Award at kNovasi 2020 held at Tenera Hotel, Bangi on 5 and 6 February 2020. The lecturers were Mohd Fairuz bin Ali, Chong Hwei Teeng and Ng Perng Jeu. 

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